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Fast access keys (Accesskey)

Fast access keys has been configured in order to facilitate the navigation among the website. These are the options:

  • 0 key: Accessibility
  • 1 key: Home
  • 2 key: Professional career
  • 3 key: Neurorehabilitation speciality
  • 4 key: Osteopathy speciality
  • 5 key: Myofascial therapies speciality
  • 6 key: Neurodynamia speciality
  • 7 key: Massage speciality
  • 8 key: Manual lymphatic drainage speciality
  • 9 key: Contact by email

Browser and operating system

Fast access keys depend on the browser and the operating system used by the user. Some of the most popular are:

Navegador Windows Mac
Firefox [Alt] + [Shift] + number [Ctrl] + [Alt] + number
Chrome [Alt] + number [Ctrl] + [Alt] + number
Edge / Internet Explorer [Alt] + number
Safari [Ctrl] + [Alt] + number