Myofascial therapies

Myofascial therapies

What do they consist on?

The body is formed by different types of tissues, one of which is the connective tissue, present in different parts of the body; this type of tissue is part of our muscles, organs, fascia, bones, etc. in different proportions and quantities.

This tissue gives shape and subjection to all body structures and intertwines with other types of tissues or materials. In some cases in order to give support, in a bone for example, joining and interlacing with the mineral salts and in other cases in order to give flexibility and elasticity where the body requires it in soft tissues: skin, muscles, ligaments, fasciae, etc. Following a highly secure architectural model; that is, giving the necessary support and using the minimum weight for the required function.

Any accident that has been suffered, a serious emotional problem or a bad posture at work will cause the body to react by forming fibrous bridges in order to adapt to the new situation; in many cases this will not be a good solution for the body, especially if it is maintained in the long term, but it will be the path that it chose at a particular time to adapt to a limit situation. Surely because it is the most energetically profitable and fastest solution to solving the problem temporarily.

For example, if a truck is driven daily for 8 or 10 hours, the body will make a series of adaptations to fit the action. The steering wheel must be gripped with both hands, and therefore the body part of the chest area on both sides will be shortened due to maintaining a fixed position while gripping the steering wheel with the arms in a convergent position; therefore, the entire connective system of this area will be shortened, forming collagen bridges, that is, adhesions between the different soft tissues located in that pectoral area which, in the long term, will increase and restrict the mobility of the entire upper limb, in this case on both sides.

With our therapy we seek to free the different tissues of those bridges of collagen that might have formed and to renew in the area the mobility between tissues, in order to improve the body alignment in space and, therefore, the balance and the quality of joint mobility.